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Transient Sound is Steven Gillis (owner, producer, engineer, mixer, drummer), Vijay Tellis-Nayak (owner, producer, engineer, mixer, mastering engineer, pianist/keyboardist), and Jim Siwek (owner). Our studio is located just one block from the Irving Park Brown Line stop on Chicago’s North side.

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The Right Now’s Brendan O’Connell on Recording Starlight

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It was one of those tunes that took the most finessing…

We knew we’d sort of pigeonholed ourselves as a band that did retro-soul or throwback kind of stuff. We also knew it was time to breakout—try and be a little more pop.

Going into the studio I’d say the biggest bear for us to handle was mixing this tune called “Postcard.” It’s a pure pop song, but it’s also one of those tunes that took the most finessing.

Quincy Jones used to describe Michael Jackson as great in the studio because he had “ass power.” It meant he could just sit his ass in the chair for as long as needed to in order to see the project through. If it was a 14-hour day then that’s what it was.

That’s what Vijay really had when he was mixing “Postcard”—

Vijay had ass power.

We spent a good week in there every single day dialing in the mix before we moved onto something else.

And he still wasn’t happy.

We went back and mixed and mixed and mixed. We kept going until we ended up finding it—

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