In The Studio

Revered Chicago Jazz Musician John Moulder
on Recording Earthborn Tales of Soul and Spirit

Few would argue music’s role in transcending troubles and soothing a nation’s soul.

John Moulder, revered Chicago jazz musician, university professor, and former Catholic priest knows just that power and wields it for good.

Over the years, Moulder has gathered a great diversity of musicians together “for the sake of our souls and our city” and woven soulful themes into all of his work.

Moulder is especially fond of the Earthborn Tales of Soul and Spirit project he did with Transient Sound. Commissioned by the Jazz Institute of Chicago, Earthborn was performed in Millennium Park after debuting in smaller venues around the city.

Earthborn has its roots in the soil of the turbulent 1960s but is a much-needed balm for today’s troubled times as well.

“[The album was inspired by] people who impressed me with their soulfulness or their spirit. They’re fairly diverse, but I found myself drawing from the 1960s. One part was in dedication to John Coltrane and his sprit in creating music, in pursuing the spiritual quest in and through music. That always inspired me about his work.

One of Moulder’s favorite themes is the indomitable human spirit…

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