Recent Clients

We are really proud to have worked with some very talented clients, from up and coming and established Chicago bands to Grammy winning national names.

Aaron McEvers
The Locals
Trio Globo
Ben Patterson
Under the Street Lamp
Steve Rodby
We Feed Alone
The Steak House Mints
Magic Box
How Far To Austin
Jackpot Donnie
Ben Scholz
Jason Berger/Colby Beserra
Rebecca Sullivan
PJ Anderson
Jackson Bailey
Luna Blu
Paulinho Garcia
Juli Wood
Amy Yassinger
Derek Fawcett
Frank Catalano
Midwest Hype
Chris Chandler
Bonnie Koloc
Josh Moshier
Stephanie Roberts
Emma Dean/Candy Rat Records
John Magnan
Anne Harris
Anthony Ponce
Billy Always
Oz Noy
Nicholas Barron Band
The Right Now
Matthew Santos/Candy Rat
Chris Siebold/Psycles
Michael Tillman
Jules Eberhart
Allison Ruble
New Standard Jazz Quartet
Tom Gullion
Lacy Bros
M13/Marquis Hill
Rebecca Sullivan/Mike Allemana
Matthew Santos
Gareth Pearson
Ewan Dobson
New Standard Quartet
Justin Roberts
Howard Levy/Larry Gray
Willow Creek Chicago
Frank Russell
Greg Duncan
Tom Gullion
Ken Chaney
John Deitemyer
Mark Minelli
Jeff Morrison
Andrew White/Candyrat
Alex Trugman
Ryan Spendlove
Carrie McDowell
Carmel Entertainment
Tony Martino
Geoff Siebold
Soma Star
Joe Dorenbos
Kalyan Pathak
Kelly Sciandra/Candy Rat
Candy Rat Records
Spare Parts
Williow Creek Choir
Marquis Hill
John Elmquist
Mike Ferro
Carpet Square/Justin Roberts
Howard Levy-Trio Globo